konnect Issue-date: 27th June, 2019.

Newsletter Editor's Desk

Kumuda S
News letter editor and Publications,
ISA Bangalore Section
Assistant Professor,

Dear Readers,

We are glad to bring out the third issue of our newsletter ISA-Bangalore sections KONNECT for the year 2018-19. This newsletter lets you to know about the ISA-Bangalore section activities.

In the current issue we start with the current ISA-B president Dr. Sunil shah’s message. The current issues covers a detailed report from various ISA-Bangalore students sections, two articles by professionals sharing their experience in technology, two techtalks ,list of new ISA members and events conducted by ISAB followed by a brief report on EC meetings and upcoming ISA-B events are presented in this issue.

In the articles section please checkout two technical articles one from our senior section member about the integration of the data in a meaningful way from Industrial Automation Systems (Operations Technology/OT) as it is described these days, to the Enterprise systems (IT) systems, is a big challenge and second one from “A light-hearted perspective on expertise”, which has a story to narrate the consequences of having "false experts" in any organisation.

For our ISA-Bangalore newsletter - "ISA B KONNEKT", we would like to invite technical articles/ case studies related to Industrial automation, Instrumentation, process control etc., any latest technology related to automation areas.

We welcome your articles regularly . It is an opportunity to brush up your writing skills and share something you are inspired by or experienced in . Do also send your brief profile and photo with the article. We will acknowledge authors generously.

A huge thanks to all the persons who guided me and those who contributed for the contents of the newsletter , namely, Mr. M. Gururaj, Mr.Rajashekar Uchil, Mr. T V Balasubramanyam & Mr Ramdas Chandrashekar.

I would also like to thank our young ISA-B student section members Dhruv Palrecha, Nihal desai and Lalit Bajaj for their everlasting support and contribution for the successful release of this third issue.

Lastly, I hope all of you relish our third issue and feel free to let us know if there are any topics you would like to see covered in our future issues to come. Do send in your comments/suggestions to kumudaksha2002@gmail.com

Best Regards,

Dhruv Kumar Palrecha
Nihal Desai
Lalit Bajaj