konnect Issue-date: 27th June, 2019.

Technical Talk Report at RNSIT, Bengaluru

Topic : Smart metering and smart grid
Date : 23 February 2019
Time : 11.00 to 13.00 hrs
Venue : Seminar hall, Administrative block, RNSIT, Bengaluru.

On 23/02/2019, Saturday a informative and memorable, technical talk was organized by ISA RNSIT student section. This event was held in the seminar hall of our college. The event commenced by the arrival of our honorable guests namely Mr. Gokulmuthu Narayanaswamy, Senior Principal software Engineer, Itron and Mr. Rajashekar Uchil, Student secn, Liaison, ISA Bangalore. This event was held under the guidance of our beloved EEE department HOD Dr. S.Sumathi. Event was also coordinated by Mrs. Shwetha, faculty advisor, ISA RNSIT student section and Mr.Rakesh Assistant professors of EEE department.

This event was hosted by Ishitha Sanyal and Ashish Upadyay of 4th semester, EEE. The event began with a melodious Ganapathi Vandana, hailing the god of knowledge and wisdom by Ms. Sujana of 4th semester, EEE. It was followed by a welcome speech given by Ms. Priyanka, member ISA. Then there was bouquet presentation to the invited guests and the event began. Ms.Kavitha who is also a member of ISA introduced the speaker. Then the time for which all the students were waiting arrived, that was technical talk by the speaker.

The speaker spoke about “SMART METERING AND SMART GRID”. It was a very informative presentation. Sir made it more interesting by showing the images of various devices, bills, etc. We got to know about various technologies that are used in other countries regarding the metering.

ynopsis of the talk : - Smart Metering and Smart Grid have been in deployment in several developed countries for several years. As a part of the Smart Cities initiative, they are now being deployed in India also. They provide the utilities with 24x7 two-way communication to the meters. They help streamlining the installation, operation, billing and maintenance of electrical, gas and water connections. They also enable deployment of renewable energy sources, demand based selective load shedding, prepaid meters, street light control and other applications. The data collected can be used by machine learning algorithms to come up with intelligent outcomes for better planning and operations. The talk covered various aspects of Smart Metering and Smart Grid.

It was followed by a student review on ISA by Ms. Aishwarya, Member, 8th semester, EEE. Later Mr. Rajashekar Uchil sir gave a very informative speech on ISA membership and its benefits. Sir also explained about the function, importance and working of ISA. He guided with his inspirational words and inspired to do better.

The program was concluded by honoring the chief guest by presenting a token of appreciation by our HOD. Mr.Abhishek, Member, 6th semester, EEE delivered the vote of thanks. The event was very informative and we all dispersed with a sincere hope that such events will be organized again, giving the students a chance to increase their knowledge.