konnect Issue-date: 27th June, 2019.

Sci-Tech Quiz 2019

ISA-RVCE STUDENT SECTION, E&IE Department, RVCE, Bengaluru, in association with RV Quiz Corp,RVCE, conducted the traditional Sci-Tech Quiz on March 1st, 2019, at 12:00 Noon.
The quiz was open for all the students from all the departments in our college, as well as, for students from other colleges.
The quiz had participants in teams of two, and the premise of the quiz was Science and Technology (SciTech).
Photo 1:ISA-RVCE current Board Members.

The event started off with Mr. Ramakrishna, Current President, ISA(USA)-RVCE Student Section,welcoming all the 39 teams (78 members).
The prize money for the quiz was announced to be Rs. 3,000 for Winners, and Rs. 2,000 for Runner - Up.
The quiz consisted of: Prelims, where all the participants could take part, and Finals, where the top 9 teams took part.

Photo 2: Welcome Speech by Mr. Ramakrishna, the current President, ISA-RVCE students Section.

The stage was then handed over to the quiz master, Mr. Sriram, Member of RV Quiz Corp, who conducted the first round, with 20 questions, for 20 points.
Photo 3: Quiz Master, Mr. Sriram, announces the Rules for the Quiz.

Photo 4: Quiz - Live - in Action.

Nine teams were qualified to the Final Rounds, which consisted of four parts, with 10 questions each.

The First Round was Know your Standards, where participants were posed with the latest articles and were asked to give the name of the technology.

The Second Round was Acapella Science, where participants were asked to listen to the Acapella Song and answer upon the topics described

The Third Round was Dries, where participants were given questions from abstract Science, for which they had a sure decoded answers within, and were asked to write the answer.

The last, 4th Round, was LVC. Here, the participants were asked to guess the Virtual Voice Assistants in Recent Technologies from the pictures, depicting the closest clue to the answers.

The event came to a conclusion, with the declaration/announcement of Winners and the Runners-Up.


1 Arun Nair ECE VI 3,000.00/-
2 Shrutheesh Iyer CSE VI


1 Vidhath Boga ECE VI 2,000.00/-
2 Harini V CSE VI