konnect Issue-date: 27th June, 2019.


Mr.A. Vijayarajan,
Founder and Chief Technology officer of InnAccel Technologies.

Date : 23rd of March, 2019
Time :15:30-16:00 hrs

Synopsis of the talk:

New Product Development is a complex process which transforms an idea into a product that meets the customers’ expectations. The Activities are iterative in nature and tend to occur in parallel. It is unique and repetitive: on the one hand, it is unique because it does something new just once, and on the other hand, it is repetitive because many steps can be repeated in the development of other products.

According to industry estimates, more than four out of five technologies developed globally never make it to the commercial world, due to their inability to cross the Valley of Death.

The key focus area of this talk was focused on sharing of the speaker’s experience of a development process designed and practiced by him in successfully developing a series Novel MedTech.

It shall be of particular interest for key stakeholders and players in Product development across domains like Medical Technology, Pharma, IOT and advanced electronics for many sectors. Any entrepreneur in industry and also innovators in academia working to launch new products could find this very relevant.

The complete presentation of the techtalk is available from this link.